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The Soma Familia (ソーマ・ファミリア) is an exploration and business type Familia led by Soma.


The Soma Familia Emblem

The Soma Familia specializes in selling alcoholic drinks, the Soma in particular. Only the failed version of the Soma is sold outside of the Familia, and even then the price can reach a high amount.

Due to Zanis Lustra's ambitions, the Soma Familia had temporarily become his tool to fulfill them, using the members of the Familia to gather money. However, due to the Hestia Familia's attack and Lili overcoming the effects of a perfect Soma, the God Soma has begun to reform his own Familia. Through his reforms, Zanis was removed from his position and replaced with Chandra Ihit.

Their residence is comprised of multiple buildings including a storehouse, breweries, and several watchtowers.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Soma God God God None Active
Chandra Ihit Dwarf Adventurer Captain 2 Active
Zanis Lustra Human Adventurer Captain (former) 2 Imprisoned
Canoe Belway Raccoon Adventurer None 1 Deceased
Liliruca Arde Pallum Supporter None 1 Left Familia
Tsukinokami Kaede Hume Bunny Adventurer None Unknown Active
Shinonome Momiji Renard Adventurer None Unknown Active
Coco Collins Pallum Adventurer None Unknown Active


The Soma Familia emblem is the image of a goblet surrounded by a crescent moon.