The Sword Princess and the Elf (剣姫と妖精) is the first episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


The Loki Familia fight there way through the 49th floor of the Dungeon against a group of Fomoire. On the 50th floor a safe floor, the Familia set up camp there. Tione and Tiona both try and convince Lefiya to eat something. Lefiya, however, refuses as she feels she has failed the team by her incompetence during their last battle. The appearance of Ais cheers Lefiya up as she thanks her for rescuing her, but belittles herself for being a burden toward Ais. By innocently patting Lefiya’s head, Ais unintentionally consoles Lefiya. Still though, Lefiya questions as to why a low-level adventurer like her was taken on such a mission. Hearing this triggers Tione as it was their captain who made the call for her to join them. Speak of the devil the Loki Familia Captain Finn accompanied by Gareth and Riveria appear. This leads into an argument between the sisters, but is broken up by Gareth. With that settled with, Finn grabs Ais' attention for a moment to discuss a certain matter, as does Riveria with Lefiya.

Riveria talks with Lefiya about how she’s having trouble adapting to the lower levels. Lefiya acknowledges that she falls behind everyone else, but Riveria claims that she lacks experience, but has potential. She has at her disposal rare magical abilities and skills along with level 3 range. As Riveria tries to boost Leifya’s confidence, Bete chimes in and disparages the elven mage as a wimp. After Bete leaves, Rivera tries to console Lefiya, since Bete is apparently always upset at someone for something.

Meanwhile, Ais baths in a local spring and reflects on the conversation she had with Finn and Gareth about their recent dungeon battle. Elsewhere, adventurers Raul, Line, and Cruz guard the entranceway to the 51st floor. Soon a trio of Black Rhinos run past the group and then a large number of Virga appear before them. Their screams are heard by the Loki Familia and Tione, Tiona, and Bete head to the group’s aid. Amid their fight with the monsters, Tiona’s Urga was disintegrated by the Virga’s poison acid. When Finn arrives with his group, he orders the melee group to buy enough time to allow the mages to chant a massive fire spell.

The Virga still manage to surround the 50th level and attack the Loki Familia base along with everything in the surrounding area. Because of the imperativeness and chance to cultivate Lefiya’s abilities, Riveria asks Finn to have Lefiya take care of the monster outbreak. The convincing argument given to him by Riveria convinces Finn and the two waste no time in starting the counter-attack. While chanting the magic spell to Incineration a Virga appears and tries to spray Lefiya with its corrosive acid. Gareth though appears and shields the elven mage from the acid, allowing Lefiya to continue the incantation. However, she becomes overcome with fear and cannot finish the incantation. Ais then appears out of nowhere and with her Tempest magic, kills several Virga in combination with her sword arts. Joining in to help Ais are Bete, Tiona, and Tione. As this goes on Riveria tells Lefiya the importance of the role of a mage and then casts Rea Laevateinn which annihilates all of Virga. Afterward, it’s ultimately decided the Familia will return to Orario because of the immense damage they suffered from the Virga attack. At the Guild, Fels reports to Ouranos who claims that the time has come.

On the 17th floor, the Loki Familia continues heading back to the surface until they’re surrounded by a minotaur monster party. After Finn gives the ok to kill them all, the amazonian twins go on the offensive, but then the minotaurs all begin to flee to the upper levels. The Familia chase after them until one last Minotaur is left that managed to reach the first floor. It’s there the minotaur confronts a young man named Bell and Ais kills the monster. From there on out that Bell would from a strong connection with the Sword Princess Ais.





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