The Boy and a Hero (少年と英雄) is the tenth episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


Nighttime at the Loki Familia base library, Lefiya reads a book on the Spirit Aria.

Ais, Bell, Hestia are surrounded by unknown assailants that are dealt with easily by Ais. Before retreating they warn Ais addressing her by her moniker, the Sword Princess. The warning entails to stop sticking her nose in other people’s business, in other words, stick to the Dungeon and out of their ladies priorities. After this encounter they continue walking home and they separate. In Ais’ deduction of the assailants she believes they’re from the Freya Familia.

Reporting this incident to Riveria back at the Loki Familia base, who, in turn, discloses that Ottar has been hunting monsters in the mid-levels. Loki and Tiona who are also there, doing “Boob Exercises” gives their thoughts on the matter.

Sitting in his personal area as per usual, Ouranos summons Fels and asks if they have a close eye on the Loki Familia Expedition. Fels reports that all is taken care of and they just have to wait until they reach the 59th floor, to which, Ouranos believes they will.

The following day in the Dungeon, Lefiya and Ais continue their training regimen. Thanks to all of Lefiya’s training with Ais and [Filvis Challia|Filvis]], she’s finally mastered concurrent chanting. After asking about Bell’s progress and hearing that he’s improving as well as her, Lefiya decides to stay in the Dungeon longer to train.

That night at the Loki Familia base, an exasperated Loki does a marathon of status checks on all of the Familia members. While in Finn’s room, he Gareth and Riveria discuss their Familia members’ morale and the expedition ahead. As Lefiya heads back to the base, she runs into Bell in front of the Hostess of Fertility with Ryuu and Syr. Lefiya proclaims that she won’t lose to Bell and dashes off leaving Bell perplexed. The next morning at the city wall, Bell completes his final day of training with Ais. Bell sincerely thanks Ais for training with him and she later thinks that she needs to improve her skills as quickly as he is.

On the day of the expedition, Ais is approached by [Lulune Louie|Lulune]] who gives her some portable rations and a blue crystal necklace. The necklace was from Fels who stated it should be worn when she goes to level 59. Soon, Finn gives a quick speech on how things will proceed, and with that out of the way the expedition begins.

As Finn’s group heads down a tunnel in the Dungeon. They encounter two adventurers who warn them about a Minotaur attack in level 9 and that a white-haired adventurer was left behind. Immediately Ais runs ahead to the location and runs into Lili who requests that she save her master. Just then, Ottar the Freya Familia Captain appears and challenges Ais to a duel. Realizing this was what the warning was about from the assailants she was ambushed by, Ais accepts it. Activating her Tempest, Ais goes on the offensive, but is unable to lay even a scratch on him. Before Ottar could begin his offense, Tiona, Tione, and Bete intervene allowing Ais to escape and Tiona and Bette follow her. With his target gone, Finn then approaches Ottar and inquires as to why he’s holding them up and if it’s the will of his goddess. Ottar answers that the will was on his own accord and leaves the scene. With Ottar out of the picture, Finn asks Riveria for Lili’s condition and she replies its stable thanks to her healing.

Bell is shown struggling against the minotaur as Ais and the others watch. Briefly switching over to the surface, Lefiya’s group starts to head into the Dungeon. As Bell continues to fight the Minotaur, Ais’ group stands in amazement on how well he’s holding up against the minotaur. They’re all left speechless once Bell defeats the Minotaur and Ais along with Riveria return Bell and Lili to the surface after the fight.





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