Adventure and the Unknown (冒険と未知) is the eleventh episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


While the Loki Familia and Hephaestus Familia set up camp in the 50th level safe zone. Finn and Tsubaki talk about the tense nature of Tiona, Tione, and Bete. Elsewhere, Lefiya asks Ais about what happened to Bell and Ais gives her a vague answer.

Bathing in a natural spring area, Tsubaki, Lefiya, Tiona, and Aki, all listen to Tiona elaborates how Bell single handily defeated a minotaur. This story impresses Tsubaki, but Lefiya is notably scornful and is envious of Bell.

That night at the base Finn announces the party divisions from Levels 51 onward. Lefiya is assigned to Finn’s group as part of the support along with another member named Raul. With that settled, Tsubaki lays out the equipment of the expedition for Finn’s team in his tent. Lefiya complements the weapons and Riveria claims that they as mages cannot rely on weapons such as those. Understanding what her teacher is telling her, Lefiya then has an epiphany that she has people she wants to catch up to. After this meeting, Ais has her sword sharpened by Tsubaki. While sharpening Ais’ blade, Tsubaki notes how far Ais has come along in the nine years she’s known her and how’s she has changed too.

Training in a patch of the forest, Tiona practices with her new blade and is approached by Gareth for practicing with her new sword. In Tiona’s defense, she cannot sleep as she’s too exhilarated from the fight involving Bell. Humored by this, Gareth will not only allow Tiona to stay up longer, but will train with her until he’s finished. This elates Tiona and the two then train together. Elsewhere, Bete is approached by Finn who is asked by the wolf to be assigned the Vanguard and he allows it. Back at the campsite, Lefiya sees Aki and Line off for the night and then she briefly talks with Tione, and the two then head for bed. The following day, Riveria casts Veil Breath on the entire party before they head into the 51st level and then proceed forward.

The expedition party easily makes it past the 51st level and are wary of the trials and tribulations of the 52nd. It’s on that floor that the group set off a bunch of fire traps which cause them to circumnavigate around the area to dodge them. Out of nowhere a Deformis Spider fires a web shot at Raul, but Lefiya pushes him out of the way and takes the hit. Before the spider could fully retract its web, its hit by the fire trap and incinerated causing Lefiya to fall into the crater left by the trap. Tiona comes to Lefiya rescue saving her from a fire blast from a Valgang Dragon and is soon joined by Tione and Bete too. Tione claims they’re free-falling to the 58th level and has Lefiya begin chanting a magic spell. Ais tries to join them, but is stopped by Finn who reasons with her that they’ll catch up with them soon enough.

Upon landing at the 58th floor, Bete and Tione kill a couple of the monsters and then Lefiya casts Fusillade Fallarica annihilating the remaining ones. A bigger Valgang Dragon then spawns, but Gareth comes free-falling down from the hole and instantly kills it upon landing. As more monsters appear, Gareth orders them to help exterminate the new wave of monsters, until Finn’s group arrives.

Meanwhile, on the 59th floor, Revis is approached by a robed figure wearing a black and red mask. They discuss what’s to come and Revis’ loyalty toward Enyo. Back to Gareth’s group who continue fighting the large number of Virga that are noted to be also heading to the 59th level. Right when more Valgang Dragons start to spawn, Finn’s group arrives and deals with the remaining monsters. To prepare themselves for the 59th level, Finn has Tsubaki take care of everyone’s weapon before they proceed forward.

While the group talk amongst themselves as Tsubaki prepares their weapons. Finn talks with Tione about the level ahead, how it’s recorded to be the beginning of the icy glacial area. Although they have salamander wool prepared for the trip down there. It’s notably not as cold as it should be, but Finn then declares that they’ll proceed in 3 minutes.

In Ouranos special room, Fels reports that the Loki Familia will soon reach the 59th floor and shows their progress by a crystal ball.

Finally reaching the 59th floor, it’s revealed that instead of being a frozen tundra, the entire floor is a vast jungle-like the 27th floor. Wasting no time the group press forward and run into an evolved monster. After consuming some of the monsters there it evolves again into a Demi Spirit moaning an ear-piercing howl in the process. Full revealed it calls out the name Aria.





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