Sword Oratoria (神々と眷属) is the twelfth and final episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.

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The newly evolved Demi Spirit mistaking Ais for Aria is elated to see her again and wants to devour her as well. Finn deduces that the new species of monsters they’ve encountered were only meant to be a food source for the Spirit. Again the Demi Spirit calls out to Aria hoping to devour her and cuts off the pathway to escape. The Loki Familia then start their attack on the oncoming swarm of monsters, but Finn abstains from any action as he senses danger. At that moment, the monster begins chanting a greater incantation. In response to this, Finn has Riveria start casting a barrier on the party and has Raul, Lefiya, and Tsubaki stop the monsters incantation. The three adventurers all unleash their strongest attacks against the Demi Spirit and the horde of monsters, but are unable to stop the spirit from its chanting.

The Demi-Spirit then casts Meteor Swarm while Riveria casts Via Shilheim erecting a barrier around the party. Although shielded from the Meteor Swarm, the Demi Spirit casts Firestorm. This second attack is far too potent for the barrier to handle and it shatters it. Gareth then shields the party with his body taking the attack in full force. This attack incapacitates both Gareth and Riveria. Taking advantage of its surroundings, the Demi Spirit starts to absorbs the energy of the dead Virga and Violas surrounding it. The remaining Virga then surround the party, but Finn remains unshaken. He then gives a morale-boosting speech, sets the group up for battle formation, and charges head-on with the group toward the monster.

Unbeknownst to the party both Gareth and Riveria are still alive and kicking. Raul and Tsubaki both come to their aid and help them prepare to fight against the Demi Spirit.

Leading the vanguard Finn casts Hell Finegas and Tiona, Tione, Bete, Ais, and Lefiya follow suit. Just as the Demi Spirit starts to chant another spell, Finn disturbs it by throwing his two spears at it. However, the Demi spirit still manages to recover from the attack and begins to chant the spell Thunder Ray. Lefiya protects them with Dio Grail and Riveria starts to chant and then casts the spell Rea Laevateinn. The spell torches the Demi Spirit, so it protects itself with rock hard vines. Slicing and dicing the vines, Gareth manages to create a pathway leading to the Demi Spirit, but in the process is impaled by one of the vines. While Finn and Bete deal with the remaining vines, Ais charges head-on into the monster. Because of this, the Demi Spirit casts Icicle Edge at Ais, but the spell is countered by Lefiya’s Arcs Ray.

Ais and the Demi Spirit are caught in a brief stalemate until Ais manages to break it and wound the monster. Enraged, the Demi Spirit whacks Ais into the ceiling floor, but Ais rebounds and cats tempest on herself as the Demi Spirit casts Light Burst. The two forces collide and in the end, Ais is the one who manages to walk away from it as the winner.

During the credits the Loki Familia are shown to have returned to the surface where they’re greeted by their god Loki.

After the credits Ouranos and Fels discuss the events that occurred at the 59th level. Somewhere, deep in the Dungeon, Revis tells a monster orb to shut up and assures it that she’ll devour her once she meets her next. At a graveyard, Dionysus receives a report from Riveria about the Loki Familia’s 59th-floor expedition.

At the Loki Familia base, Loki is briefed on the expedition by Finn, Gareth, and Riveria, all while Lefiya has a heart to heart with Ais. They’re soon joined by Tione, Tiona, and Loki, where she finally manages to dodge Loki’s “Loving embrace”.

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