Fitting and Buying (試着と購入) is the second episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


Dionysus learns from the captain of hisFamilia Filvis that the Loki Familia has returned to the surface. The Familia in question walks through the streets of Orario until they return to their Familia base. Upon their arrival, their goddess Loki embraces and fondles Lefiya.

Afterward, Lefiya takes a shower along with the other ladies and she wonders what her teacher Riveria meant by Ais having her own problems. It’s then that Tiona rebukes Lefiya for having a bigger chest that her that Loki appears from the bath and tries to fondle Tiona. She, however, along with the other ladies manages to dodge Loki except for Lefiya who once again is victim to Loki’s fondling. Getting dressed after her shower, Lefiya plans to talk with Ais in hopes to help her feel better.

Later that night Ais has her status done by Loki, while Gareth, Lefiya, and Finn talk about Ais. The conversation is mainly about her getting a level up soon and how she adamantly desires to reach level 6. As Ais heads back to her room, Lefiya meets with her and gives her a Crystal Drop. Ais takes one and says that she enjoys it which pleases Lefiya who then vows to assist her however she can. With that, Lefiya scurries off and is ultimately pleased with how Ais was satisfied with her gift.

The following day, Lefiya tags along with Tione to the Dian Cecht Familia shop. There, as Tione haggles with Airmid to sell a Unicorn’s Horn. Tione manages to sell the Horn for 9.2 million Vallis. Elsewhere, Tiona asks to have her Urga reforged, while Ais takes her sword Desperate to Goibniu to have it repaired. Goibniu agrees to repair it charging her the usual rate and says it’ll take 5 days for his work to be done. In the meantime, he gives her a rapier for her to use.

That evening, Ais and Tiona regroup with Lefiya and Tione after they all complete their business for the day. It’s then that Lefiya gives Ais a potion that she purchased from the Dian Cecht Familia shop. Ais appreciates the gift and they then head to the Hostess of Fertility for a post-expedition celebratory party. It’s there that a scene is caused when Bete recounts when a single Minotaur escaped to the upper levels and confronted a single adventurer. Ais then kills the minotaur and in the process drenches the young adventurer in the Minotaur’s blood after she kills it. One of the bar patrons then rushes out of the place in a frantic manner. Unbeknownst to them all aside from Ais who recognized him as that adventurer she saved.

The following day, Ais is shown to be in a forlorn mood after the incident the night before. While Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya talk about Ais, Riveria approaches and talks with her. Ais discloses to Riveria the truth about that incident that night and says she wants to apologize to the adventurer. Riveria agrees with her that it’s the right thing to do. After Riveria leaves Ais; Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya approach Ais and ask her if she wants to go shopping with them in town. She agrees and is taken to a clothing shop that sells mostly revealing clothing, which disconcerts Lefiya. So, Lefiya takes Ais and the others to another shop where the clothing is more formal. Tiona and Tione instantly get bored wit that place and take Ais other clothing shops where she tries on a myriad of different clothing. Ultimately she decides to purchase a simplistic white dress with gold stars and a purple skirt and Lefiya pays for it. Her reason for doing so is because Ais has always taken good care of her in the past, so she’d like to repay her for her kindness.

While Lefiya and the group walk home, Tiona bumps into Hestia and notices that there are a lot of gods walking the streets. It’s then that Ais apologizes to Lefiya about worrying her so much, but Lefiya did it to help cheer her up. Taking this into consideration, Ais thanks Lefiya.

After the credits, when the group returns to the Loki Familia base that night, they see a carriage in front of their home. It’s then that Loki once again lunges herself onto Lefiya and fondles her chest.



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