The Festival and Courage (祭典と勇気) is the third episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


Before, Ais and Lefiya go to bed, Ais thanks Lefiya for the clothes she bought her. Lefiya graciously, however, again thanking her for all of the hard work that she’s done for her up until that point.

Attending a banquet of the gods held by Ganesha, Loki runs into Dionysus and Demeter. She talks with them about her Familia, the banquet, and the upcoming Monsterphillia festival, until she spots Freya and Hestia. With Loki out of the picture, Demeter asks Dionysus what ploy he’s scheming as whenever he has a “look in his eye” something “Big” will occur.

The following evening, Ais accompanied by Lefiya tries out the Rapier she got from Goibniu in the Dungeon. She notes that if she were to fight in full strength with it she’d break it. As they head deeper into the Dungeon they spot the Ganesha Familia take a couple of caged monsters to the surface. Lefiya then asks Ais if she’d like to attend the Monsterphillia festival with her. Ais agrees to go with her, which elates Lefiya. This changes, however, when they return home. Loki assigns Ais to be her escort in the Monsterphillia festival as punishment for going to the Dungeon without permission. Although Lefiya is unable to attend the festival with Loki. As some form of consolation, agrees to go visit the various food stalls with Tione, Tiona, and Ais after the festival is over.

Before Loki and Ais attend the Monsterphillia Festival, they have a surreptitious meeting with Freya concerning, a certain person. The meeting abruptly ends when Freya leaves to attend some business and leaves the bill for the drinks on Loki. Afterward, Loki and Ais stop by a food stall and buy some food. The two then have a scene where Loki wants to try a bite of Ais’ food as a way to get an indirect kiss from her.

As Ais and Loki were about to head into the coliseum to watch the Monsterphillia Festival. They run into the Guild members Eina and Misha. Meanwhile, Lefiya, Tione, and Tiona see Ganesha talk with his subordinates about something and decide to check it out. Outside they meet Loki and learn about the monsters set loose around the city. That’s why Ais was sent out to scour the periphery for any monsters. Using her Tempest Magic, Ais slays several monsters scattered around the city. When Lefiya, Tione, and Tiona decide to leave the monster hunting to Ais, a plant monster Violas sprouts from the ground. Tione and Tiona decide the monster head-on even though they’re unarmed and have Lefiya cast a spell without her staff. While Lefiya casts a spell she’s injured by the monster and sent flying into a food stall. Closing in on Lefiya the monster is slain by Ais the moment she appears. All seeming well, 3 more monsters sprout up from the ground and entangles both Tione and Tiona. In the process of trying to slay the new monsters that appeared, Ais shatters her Rapier and notes that Goibniu will be angry at her.

Before Ais follows Tione and Tiona’s advice to turn off her magic as the monsters are able to sense magic, it grabs and slams Ais into a wall. This causes Lefiya to muster all of the courage within her and using her Elf Ring magic, casts Wynn Fimbulvetr that freezes and destroys the monster. Everyone then thanks Lefiya for helping out and then Loki appears and gives Ais a new sword to use against the remaining monsters. Right before she sets off, Ais drinks half of the potion given to her by Lefiya the day prior and gives the rest to Lefiya. Happily, Lefiya drinks it considering it an indirect kiss of the sort.

That night Loki has another meeting with Freya concerning the monster outbreak that she started. Although barely anyone was hurt in this incident, Loki mentions that a member of her named Lefiya was hurt by a plant monster. On the other hand, Freya has no clue as to what Loki was talking about as she didn’t see such a monster when she released the others. Just outside of the place where Loki and Freya had their meeting Dionysus with the monster core of the plant monster notes that a storm is brewing.





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