Murder and the Jewel (殺人と宝玉) is the fourth episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.

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At an inn, a adventurer is killed by a woman for an item he procured on the 30th floor of the Dungeon for a special quest he completed.

Ais has a dream involving an older woman and man, both of whom want Ais to one day find her very own hero. That morning, as Ais does sword practice in the courtyard as she reflects on her previous encounters with Bell. She resolves herself that she needs to apologize to him. Lefiya then joins Ais and the two briefly talk until Riveria beckons for her.

After picking up her sword Desperate from Goibniu. She’s charged 40 million for breaking the rapier that was lent to her and this leaves her completely dejected. During lunch, Ais tells Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya her plans to go for a Dungeon excursion to raise some money. Tiona and Lefiya offer to come along, but Tione rejects the notion, since Captain Finn isn’t going. This changes, after Tiona offers him and Riveria to come along on their Dungeon excursion. Not satisfied with the challenge the monsters are giving them in the lower levels, Tiona suggests they head straight to level 19. Finn on the other hand suggest they head to level 18 first and sell their monster cores and drops.

At the town of Rivira on the 18th floor safe floor to sell their extra stuff. It’s decided that they’ll stay at the inn as they don’t have the equipment to set up camp. Since the price to stay at an inn is exorbitant, Finn offers to pay for everyone. Sequentially, Riveria notes that the town is quiet… too quiet and the rest of the group agrees. Just then the City Representative of Riveria Bors appears and although reluctantly he tells the group about a murder at the inn. Lead the scene of the crime, information surrounding the victim and the suspect is vague. This is because no one has a clue of the identities of the suspect or the victim or what Familias they belong too. In order to find out what Familia the victim belonged to, a concoction known as Status Thief is used on him. Riveria reads the victim’s status and learns that his name was Hashana Dorlia, he belonged to the Ganesha Familia, and was Lvl 4. The news perturbs Bors how someone of his level could be killed so easily.

On the surface, both Loki and Bete scour the sewers for clues as to one of the incidents in the Monsterphillia Festival. They find a steel gate that Bete kicks open that leads to a flooded room. Loki then request that Bete carry her over the flooded water, because of Loki’s whining, Bete begrudgingly does so. They continue on until Bete picks up a scent of people that were around there recently. Once they reach a room that looks like a cistern they’re ambushed by a bunch of Violas.

Back to the Inn, Bors and the Innkeeper Villy suspect someone from Finn’s group to be the culprit. However, that’s easily disproven when they suspect Tione of being the culprit because of her bodacious chest. Pondering what the motive could be as to why Hashana was killed, Finn rules out simple burglary. It’s also noted that Hashana’s bag was torn apart as if to search for something, which leads to the assumption the killer could still be in the town.

Meanwhile, Loki and Bete who finishes off the remaining Violas. Picking up and examining the monster core to the Violas. Bete explains to Loki on the surface that the monster core looks similar to the one that Tione got from the monster from the 50th level. As they walk and talk they both pass by Dionysus and the captain of hisFamilia Filvis. Initially Loki tries to act cordially toward them, but Bete claims that the scent in the sewer was there.

The citizens of Rivira are separated into two groups based on their genders and are elaborated on a woman that’s capable of killing an lv. 4 adventurer. A full-body inspection of the women is enforced, but all of the women want Finn to be the one that does it. While this goes on, a young beast girl runs up a staircase and is pursued by Ais and Lefiya. Unbeknownst to the two, a man wearing a full suit of armor watches them carefully.

On the surface at a bar, Dionysus claims that he had no part in the Monsterphillia Festival. However, Loki accuses him of plotting something in the sewers. Dionysus, on the other hand, claims he was actually conducting an investigation down there as 3 of his Familia members were murdered. The only evidence left behind to those murders was a monster core the same, of which, which was found after the scene of the festival. From what Loki’s heard she believes that Dionysus’ story holds up. but one discrepancy that still bothers her. It’s how Dionysus knew an incident would occur at the Monsterphillia Festival. Dionysus then claims that he knew that the festival would be used as a cover-up for the murderer. The culprit in question, Dionysus believes it to be Ouranos.

Finally Ais and Lefiya manage to catch up with the beast girl that they’ve been chasing. They bring the girl back to town and that night she introduces herself as Lulune Louie a member of Hermes Familia. She apparently was simply following a job that she accepted from the Guild to go to a tavern and pick up an item that Hashana delivered to her. When asked who her client was that gave her the quest, she claims that it was a robed figure that she couldn’t make out. In light of this, Ais offers to complete the Jobe for Lulune and she agrees to it. Ais then takes the item and as she uncovers it to see what the items are she’s astounded to see a small creature in an orb. The creature opens its eyes and stares right at Ais causing her to hyperventilate. Watching from the shadows, someone resembling Hashana blows onto a piece of grass, seemingly signally his allies in the periphery. After Lefiya puts away the orb in her bag, a bunch of Violas sprout up from the ground in Rivira.

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