Red Hair and the Solitary King (赤髪と孤王) is the fifth episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


Loki visits the Guild and forces her way to have an audience with Ouranos. The head of the Guild, Royman, and a group of Guild workers try to stop her, but Ouranos allows her in his chambers.

In Rivira, as Tiona and Tione kill the Violas monsters that have sprouted, more sprout up from the ground. Just as Riveria chants a fire magic spell, Finn orders the Loki Familia members and Bors to act as decoys to allow Riveria to cast her spell. On top of a rooftop at a high height, Finn scopes out the area and figures that the sudden monster outbreak is due to a tamer.

From the outskirts of the town, Ais, Lefiya, and Lulune watch as the Violas as it unfolds. At that moment, Violas sprout up from their location, so Ais stays behind to take care of them while Lefiya and Lulune escape. Before the two even make it a safe distance, they’re confronted by a man in heavy armor that easily restrains Lefiya. Ais intervenes and reveals that the man in the armor is really the woman who killed Hashana at the inn. Amid the fight between Ais and the woman, Ais is called “Aria” by the woman and the orb with the creature inside of it attaches itself to a Violas causing it to evolve. In light of this, Ais, Lulune, and Lefiya flee the scene.

Meanwhile, Loki talks with Ouranos about the Monsterphillia Festival incident and asks if his Guild were culpable for it. Ouranos though denies the notion and Loki takes his word for it and leaves. As Loki leaves, Fels carefully watches her.

Back to the Ais and her group who are chased by the giant mutated Violas. Tione, Tiona, and Finn act as decoys to allow, Lefiya and Rivera to cast a spell to defeat the monster. Ais, on the other hand, struggles to fight with the woman who wants to take her back with her. Thanks to the combined efforts of Riveria and Lefiya they manage to severely damage the monster. Frantically the monster tries to escape, but is killed by Tiona who accidentally also destroys its core in the process. Thinking she has the upper hand, the woman tries to knock out Ais, but is stopped by Finn and Lefiya. Finn then briefly fights with the woman and figuring she has no chance against him, escapes. Although injured, Ais chases after the woman, but doesn’t manage to catch her.

Fels briefly talks with Ouranos about Loki’s unannounced visit and admonishes the thought of making Loki their enemy. On the 37th floor, the group investigates the area for clues to see if they can find a trace of that woman they encountered. As the group discusses theories about what had occurred back in Rivira, Ais has a dream about a certain woman and man again. Sequentially, Tione and Tiona wake her up from her dream and they start to head further into the dungeon.

In a large dome-shaped room, Spartois start to spawn from the ground and Ais jumps into action by slaying them all. After she’s finished slaying all of the Spartois, Ais requests that she stay behind in the Dungeon. Not wanting her to be alone, Riveria agrees to stay behind with Ais to be around when she finally, “Loses her cool”. Ultimately Finn agrees to this even though, Tiona and Lefiya wanted to stay behind too. As the two continue forth in the Dungeon, the floor boss a Udaeus appears and Ais insists on fighting it alone.





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