Subjugation and Escape (討伐と逃亡) is the sixth episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


Amid the fight between Ais and Udaeus, Riveria commentates on the Udaeus’ caliber and how Ais stands no chance against it. Although Ais manages to destroy its right arm, the Udaeus summons a sword and uses it to overpower the adventurer. Wanting to step in and help her comrade, Ais stops Riveria, reinforcing the fact that it’s her fight. Riveria then realizes that Ais’ determination to defeat the creature alone is to allow herself to rank up. Also, to Rivera’s astonishment, Ais destroys the monster’s sword, then its head, and finishes it off by piercing its core with her sword.

After the fight, Riveria heals Ais and asks her why she did such a crazy thing. Ais answers that she wanted to become stronger, but Riveria realizes that, but what is the motive behind that strong sentiment. So Ais then confesses that the woman called her Aria and Rivera understands the reason behind it and consoles Ais.

Meanwhile outside the Dungeon entrance, [Tiona Hiryute|Tiona]] and Lefiya wait for Ais and Riveria return, until Tiona convinces Lefiya to go home with her. As they return to the surface, Ais and Riveria talk about how they left the monster dropping with Bors. Arriving on one of the Dungeon’s upper levels the two find an unconscious Bell suffering from Mind Down. Rather than leave him be, Ais insists on staying until he awakens. Riveria agrees to this and heads off ahead of her. Soon Bell awakens and believes he’s hallucinating, but Ais reassures him that he isn’t.

The following morning at the Loki Familia Base, Rivera asks how did Ais fair with the boy she stayed behind for. Ais sadly answers that once again he ran away. Hearing this makes Riveria chuckle, much to Ais’ dismay. Afterward Ais reflects on her encounter with Bell and how she’ll have a status check from Loki later. The person in question elated as she has some Soma Wine agrees to do her status update after she deals with a special guest Eina.

Eina wanted to ask Loki about the background information on the Soma Familia and after she’s finished with that does Ais’ Status update. It’s revealed that Ais finally made it to level 6 making her the 4th ranked one in the Familia. Although Ais should be ecstatic by this revelation, she acts in an apathetic manner.

The next day in Finn’s room, Loki and her top ranking Familia briefly talk about Ais’ level up. They then review the things that occurred in recent times. The conversation takes a prominent turn when the red-haired tamer woman is mentioned as she called Ais, “Aria”. Finn then summons Tione to have her bring Ais to his room. As they wait for Ais, they discuss the matters for the join expedition with the Hephaestus Familia they’ll have in the future. Tione then returns and reports that Ais has gone to the Dungeon alone.

Hoping to get her head straight, Ais ventures into the Dungeon alone, and there she runs into Eina. The two briefly talk with each other and Eina asks Ais for a favor. On the 10th floor of the Dungeon, Bell struggles against a pack of Orcs. Ais then appears and easily eliminates them all, allowing Bell to escape. After finding the piece of armor that Bell dropped. Ais is confronted by Fels who asks her to accept their quest they have for her.





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