Request and Segmentation (依頼と分断) is the seventh episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.

Plot[edit | edit source]

At a mass graveyard, Dionysus is informed by Filvis about a monster outbreak in the Dungeon. The monsters there apparently have blocked the way to the 24th floor and no actions from the Guild have been made.

In the Dungeon, Fels requests that Ais investigate a monster incident on the 24th-floor Dungeon. After learning that the matter is related to the red-haired woman, Ais accepts the quest, but asks to have a message relayed.

On the surface, Loki talks with Dionysus and Filvis about the same subject involving the monsters on the 24th floor. Soon, Lefiya delivers a message to Loki about Ais’ accepting a quest related to the 24th-floor Dungeon. In light of this, Loki has Lefiya summon Bete to have him and her help Ais in her quest. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain Loki’s trust, Dionysus has Filvis join them.

Back in the Dungeon, Ais meets her new companions in a bar located in Rivira. After she gives the password to the barkeep, she goes into the backroom and meets Lulune. There also are Asfi and the other member of the Hermes Familia.

At the Guild, Ouranos asks why Fels has recruited Ais for the quest involving the incident on the 24th floor. Fels answers that it was the most logical choice since they’re already heavily involved. Back to Ais, she along with Asfi and Lulune discuss the matters involving their quest and how it’s connected to the recent murder in the town.

Once the quest group has settled everything within the town, Asfi informs them that their destination will be the Monster Pantry on the 24th level. This is because it’s the place that seems most inconspicuous that it should be investigated. Before they leave, Ais leaves Bell’s armor piece with Bors.

Meanwhile, Bete, Filvis, and Lefiya all continue through the Dungeon as they’re ambushed by a couple of [Monsters|Hellhounds]]. They’re quickly dealt with by Filvis with her sword and magic. Again on the surface, Loki and Dionysus briefly talk about Filvis’ backstory about how she’s the lone survivor of the nightmare on the 27th floor. Wasting no more of Loki’s time, Dionysus leaves Loki’s base and as he heads home is approached by Hermes. Wanting to talk with Filvis, Lefiya asks her about concurrent magic and wants to learn more about her too. Filvis, on the other hand, coldly claims they’re not in a party and have no reason to socialize as they’re only fulfilling a mutual goal.

Hermes has a question to ask Dionysus, who, in turn, has a question for Hermes. He asks him what is his business with Ouranos, but Hermes claims he has none with him, as he’s a neutral party. Dionysus accepting Hermes' answer tries to walk away, but Hermes asks him to disclose any information he has on a quest on the 24th Dungeon level. Furthermore, he wants to have a drink with him and after a few drinks may slip up some information he has. Dionysus accepts the offer and says he’ll take Hermes to an impeccable wine selection.

On the 23rd level of the Dungeon, Asfi reviews over the map of the 24th floor and gives a brief plan on how they’ll proceed on that floor. Once they reach the 24th floor, they follow Ais’ intuition of which Food Pantry the monsters are likely to be at. At the site of the Food Pantry, the party sees a horde of monsters marching down the bottom of a narrow crevasse. Ais empowered with her Tempest Magic, mows down the enemies while the Hermes Familia observe. When Ais finishes killing all of the monsters, the group head into the Pantry and see that it was blocked off by a bunch of green pods that were messed together. As this goes on, the red-haired tamer woman named Revis and a male individual watch as the party tries to pass through the green blockage. Upon seeing Ais, Revis agrees to cut off the party.

After everyone is inside of the green mass, it instantly seals up the entranceway they created locking them inside. The party is then, ambushed by some Violas during the fight, Ais is separated from the party and confronted by Revis.

At that same time, Bete, Lefiya, and Filvis learn from Bors that Ais was there and left him in charge of watching over an item for her. Due to Bete’s brash nature, Bors also informs them that Ais left with a large party to the Monster Pantry on the 24th floor. With that Bete leaves Bors store, but before Lefiya leaves Bors warns her to be careful of Filvis. Apparently everyone that’s ever teamed up with her has never returned alive.

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