Corruption and the Girl (穢れと少女) is the eighth episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.

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Revis confronts Ais still calling her Aria, however, Ais still claims that she’s not Airia as that’s her mother. Not caring for the small details and only cares about retrieving her, Revis magically pulls out a sword from the group and goes on the attack against Ais. This time, however, Ais manages to hold up against Revis which perturbs her.

At Rivira, Lefiya and Bors discuss the incident called, “The Nightmare on Level 27 and how Filvis is connected to it. Because of this incident of how she was the only survivor of it, she gained the moniker, “Banshee, the Elf who Heralds Death”.

That night, Filvis is confronted by Bete and they get into a brief scuffle on whether to continue on with her because of her reputation. When Bete leaves, Lefiya steps in and tries to convince Lefiya to stay not caring about her curse/reputation. Filvis still, however, believes it’s best that she leave the group. Although Lefiya says she’ll try and convince a rather obstinate Bete. He appears and claims that they should press on, as he doesn’t care about no curse or anything.

Meanwhile, Ais continues her fight with Revis who realizes that Ais has Leveled up. Elsewhere, Asfi’s group finds a giant ruby red pillar with a monster orb attached to it. The man that was with Revis then appears and summons a bunch of Violas. Figuring the best way is to defeat the man, Asfi uses several bottles of her burst oil to vanquish some of the Violas to try and kill the man. He, however, is protected by a bunch of vines right when Asfi tries to make a move against him. After they fight for a bit, the Man stabs Asfi in her lower right side and then proceeds to crush her neck. A fire spell is cast, which allows Asfi to escape by staying the man in his right arm. It’s shown that Lefiya and her side have arrived at the scene. Irritated by the tenacity of the adventurers, the man reveals the monster plants' name as Violas and the main plant’s Viscum. The man reveals himself as Olivas Act the someone that was once associated with the group called Evilus and who once died on the 27th floor.

Olivas then discloses that he really did die on the 27th floor during the Nightmare incident. However, he was resurrected as a monster hybrid by his goddess who seeks to destroy Orario so she can bask in the sun. A livid Filvis then approaches Olivas and berates him for his actions on the Nightmare incident. Filvis then casts Dio Thyrsos at Olivas, but he single-handily repels it back at Filvis knocking her out. Not wasting any more time, Olivas orders the Violas to kill the adventurers. As Filvis awakens as the group fight against the monsters, Filvis and Lefiya work together to destroy all of the Violas.

While it seemed that the turn of the battle was getting on their side, Olivas has the Viscum up root itself to ready itself for battle. Their edge now seemingly lost, Ais and Revis arrive at the scene continuing their fight with another. Confident that Ais is of trivial matter, Olivas orders Viscum to kill Ais, but then she actives her Tempest magic and slays it with a single slice.

Astounded by this turns of events, Bete lounges himself at Olivas and tries to overpower him, but is inadequate in strength. To help Bete out, Lefiya casts Arc Ray that powers up Bete’s Flosvirt and he defeats Olivas by slamming him into a wall. Olivas is then approached by Revis who he tells they should withdraw. Revis, however, plunges her hand into Olivas’ chest, plucks his monster core, and swallows it to gain more power. Just then the ruby pillar starts to crack and deteriorate. As the periphery starts to crumble, Revis informs Ais that what see seeks will be found on level 59. With that the party escapes.

Several days pass by and at the Loki Familia base, Loki and her high ranking Familia members read the report on the incident on the 27th floor. After reviewing over it, it’s decided that an expedition will be held to investigate the 59th floor.

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