Training and Jealousy (訓練と嫉妬) is the ninth episode of the Sword Oratoria anime.


Right after a pep rally that Loki gave to her Familia, Ais heads to the Guild to return the armor piece to Bell. There she meets with Eina who briefly talks with her until Bell arrives. The two of them talk and Ais offers to help train Bell in order to figure out how he’s getting strong so fast.

Later that night at the Loki Familia base, Lefiya awaits for Ais’ return to ask her to teach her swordplay in order to help her with learning concurrent chanting. However, when Ais returns to the base, Lefiya doesn’t have the gall to ask her. So the following morning at dawn, Lefiya tries to ask Ais again out in the courtyard, but misses her. As Lefiya tries to follow Ais, she bumps into Bell, and the two briefly talk until Bell learns that she’s also from the Loki Familia. After learning that, Bell runs off in a panic and Lefiya chases after him until Bell loses her.

Elsewhere, Ais waits for Bell on top of the wall where they agreed to train together. Soon Bell arrives looking exhausted, which he explains he was chased by a woodland elf. The elf in question later sees Ais shouldering Bell and interprets it as something romantic. That night in the dining hall, all of the Familia members notice the sullen-looking Lefiya. Ais asks what’s wrong with her, in turn, Lefiya asks what her relationship with a certain human. Surprised that Lefiya knows this, Ais then asks how she knew about Bell. Becoming emotional, Lefiya bursts into tears and leaves the dining hall and is chased after by Ais.

At the courtyard fountain, Lefiya learns why Ais was with Bell and why he was over her shoulder. As soon as Ais requests her to keep the training with Bell between them, Lefiya promises on one condition. And that is to also train her in swordplay, to which, Ais agrees to.

That next morning, Lefiya excitedly gets up out of bed to ready herself for her training with Ais. As Lefiya wonders how Ais is doing with her training with Bell, the person in question is knocked out from a rotating kick. Curious as to see how their training is doing, Lefiya visits the training site and sees Bell resting on Ais’ lap. When it’s time for Lefiya’s training, they do it in the Dungeon and Lefiya asks Ais to not hold back. This leads to Lefiya getting knocked out several times until they take a break. They talk about Bell’s training progress and after hearing how well he’s doing, Lefiya resolves herself to continue training.

Back at the Loki Familia base, Riveria talks with Tione and Tiona about Lefiya and then switch topics to about Aria. Meanwhile, Loki and Deimne visit Tsubaki at her shop. They talk a bit about the upcoming expedition and about an an oddball who makes great magical weapons. Later that day, Lefiya and Ais end their training for the day and Ais tells Lefiya that she wishes to take the next day off.

The following day, Lefiya walks down the streets of Orario in an annoyed mood as she can’t stand Ais getting so close to Bell. She then bumps into Dionysus and [Filvis Challia|Filvis]] who treat her to some pastries. This was a show of thanks for taking good care of Filvis on their Dungeon expedition to level 24. Hearing that Lefiya was going to do some solo-dungeon training, Dionysus volunteers Filvis to join her.

Afterward, the two make it to the Dungeon and they start training on some concurrent chanting. Elsewhere, Bell finishes his training with Ais for the day. After the training, Ais asks him how Bell becomes so strong so quickly. Bell modestly denies being “strong”, but discloses his reason why he wants to become strong, to which, Ais can relate with. Meanwhile, Lefiya completes her training with Filvis and she teaches her how to use Dio Grail. On the city wall, Bell finishes another training session with Bell and his goddess Hestia visits them. While walking back home, the three of them are ambushed by unknown assailants.





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