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On the way back from the Loki Familia expedition, Ais rushed to defeat the minotaurs that went into the upper floors because of them. On the 5th Floor, she finds a minotaur cornering Bell and saves him. She asked him if he was all right but an embarrassed Bell ran off screaming, surprising her. Bete, who had run up to the floor with her, laughed at the scene.

Gareth, Finn and Riveria talked to Ais about her earlier actions in the battlefield with Gareth expressing his concerns about how her actions may affect the lower-ranking members. When Finn asked Ais if she felt restricted with her position in the formation, Gareth defended her by saying that she only wanted to reduce the burden for the vanguard. After Finn dismissed Ais, Gareth remarked on Riveria and Finn's concern for the Sword Princess, stating that they acted like old men despite their appearance.

Gareth was picked by Finn as part of his group in collecting the water from Cadmus Spring in fulfillment of a request from the Dian Cecht Familia.

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