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Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 10 is the tenth volume of the Sword Oratoria light novel.


The Sword Princess anguished and the Braver resolved himself.

"If someone cries because of monsters - I'll kill monsters"

And so, "the day" came.

An opportunity of fate arrives for the Loki Familia looking for a "key" to the man made labyrinth, an abnormal situation that brings turbulence to Orario. As various forces become involved because of the "armed monsters" on the surface, the long awaited hero will fall - and a new fool is born.

The Sword Princess anguishes.
The Braver resolves himself.
Amidst the battle concerning people and monsters, various feelings will cross at the stage of the decisive battle, the labyrinth city!


  • Prologue: A Certain Girl's Monologue
  • Chapter 1: Sign
  • Chapter 2: His Name is Fool
  • Intermission: The Elf's Anger
  • Chapter 3: The Braver's Melancholy The Sword Princess' Anguish
  • Intermission: The Gods' Secret Conversation
  • Chapter 4: Daedalus Skirmish: Behind the Scenes
  • Intermission: Their Respective Battles
  • Chapter 5: Brave Soul!
  • Intermission: The Outcome of the Plan
  • Chapter 6: The Braver's Self-Restraint
  • Epilogue: The Girl's Conclusion