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Dream Catcher (記憶) is the fifth chapter of the Sword Oratoria manga.


Ais dreamt of her mother Aria. Her mother read her a story about a hero and asked if she liked it. Aria told her that she hoped that Ais would find a hero just like she did. The scene changed to a dungeon like place where Ais was cornered by a monster. Her father appeared and killed the monster. Her father helped her but told her that he couldn't be her hero because he was already Aria's hero.

Ais awoke and wondered why she dreamt of her parents after a long time. Tiona came by and told her to get ready. The members of the Loki Familia went out across Orario to exchange the magic stones and drop items they gathered in the dungeon. Finn, Riveria Ljos Alf, and Gareth went to the Guild to exchange magic stones while Ais, Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya Viridis went to the Dian Cecht Familia pharmacy to finish their quest.

Airmid Teasanare greeted them at the pharmacy. They handed over the Cadmus Spring Water and received several elixirs as their reward. Tione also bargained with Airmid over the Cadmus Hide and received 12,000,000 valis for it. Later on Ais and Tione visited the Goibniu Familia to get Desperate fixed and Urga recreated. Goibniu watched Ais use one of the spare swords and noted that she didn't use any excess strength.

Later that night the Loki Familia visited the Hostess of Fertility to eat. Ais felt a gaze from someone but didn't see anyone. Feeling the warm feeling around her, she was in a good mood. However, Bete decided to bring up the topic of Bell and the minotaur, completely ruining the good mood she was feeling. Despite Riveria's efforts to make him stop, he went too far. Ais saw Bell run out of the Hostess of Fertility and ran out after him, only to stop. Part of her asked why she was doing it and remembered that no hero appeared in front of her.