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Sword Princess VS City Girl (剣姫VS街娘) is a special story from DanMachi Volume 9.


Ais heard a new Jagamarukun stall had opened and decided to check it. On her way, she encountered a girl who she recognized as Syr from the Hostess of Fertility.

After greeting each other, Syr remembered Ais had given Bell a lap pillow, surprising Ais that she knew about it. She then said that Bell had given her a lap pillow too, adding that he had been pretty intense and passionate when he did it.

Ais was confused by her words, wondering if there was a way to be intense and passionate when giving a lap pillow, unable to realize it had been an exaggeration.

While Syr continued her assault, all passersby held their breath as they looked at them with fear and surprise over Syr being able to shock the Sword Princess.