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The Takemikazuchi Familia (タケミカヅチ・ファミリア) is a Familia led by Takemikazuchi that was originally from the Far East.


The Takemikazuchi Familia Emblem

The Takemikazuchi Familia is made up of six members, all of which are orphans that were taken in at a shrine in the Far East that was run by Takemikazuchi, Tsukuyomi and other gods. Takemikazuchi and his familia members who were the oldest and strongest orphans at the shrine then moved to Orario two years earlier to earn money to help support the shrine.

In the past the members of the Familia used to sneak Sanjouno Haruhime out of her mansion and play with her during the night. They were eventually found out, causing relations between Haruhime's father and the shrine to worsen, though they still snuck her out regardless.

The Takemikazuchi Familia emblem is a sword stuck in the ground. The Takemikazuchi Familia home is known as the Temporary Residence Townhouse (仮住居(かりずまい)長屋(タウンハウス)), and is an old housing complex in northeastern Orario.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Takemikazuchi God God God None Active
Kashima Ouka Human Adventurer Captain 2 Active
Yamato Mikoto Human Adventurer None 2 Temporary Leave
Hitachi Chigusa Human Adventurer None 2 Active
Asuka Human Adventurer None 2 Active