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Tell Airmid-san All of Your Worries and Matters, Girls! (悩み事から相談事まで全てアミッドさんに打ち明けなさい、ガールズ!) is a special story included in the Sword Oratoria BD Volume 3 Drama CD.


Near the Loki Familia home, Airmid wondered why she'd been summoned by Riveria, wondering if she was going to haggle for potion prices or try to sell items to her for high prices. Ridding herself of those thoughts, she encountered Ais just as she came out of the building, and after greeting each other, Ais tried to tell Airmid something once the latter mentioned Riveria but decided not to. Airmid was told by the guards to head down to the basement, where she found a door with a sign that read confessional.

Entering the room, she was greeted by the High Elf who explained the room's function to her, which was to listen to worries and matters that needed counseling while the room was divided by a curtain. Riveria asked her to take over as the person behind the curtain, but upon hearing this, she became curious as to who she was covering for, prompting the High Elf to reveal that she was the one who originally did it, as Loki would try to take advantage of it if she was allowed to. To Airmid's surprise, Riveria demonstrated how she usually listened as "Pretty Sister☆Alf-chan", changing the tone of her voice to prevent herself from being recognized. Airmid didn't know what to say about it, nevertheless Riveria told her not to worry about it, stating that as an organization grew larger, the darkness within people had no choice but to also grow.

Soon after, Tione and Tiona arrived to use the room, and Riveria told Airmid that she would stay to help the first couple of times. Riveria greeted the two as "Pretty Sister☆Alf-chan", however when she learned the two were only there because it was popular and didn't actually have anything to consult about, she silently complained for them to leave. Despite this, Tiona decided to ask how to get her breasts to grow, causing Airmid to immediately start thinking of a proper answer, but Riveria answered with an unserious answer, prompting Airmid to complain. She accidentally raised her voice, catching the attention of the Hiryute Sisters, forcing Riveria to instruct her that it was more important to make people feel better rather than giving them a proper answer.