Telskyura (テルスキュラ) is a country located far to the southeast of Orario.


Telskyura is located on a peninsula far to the southeast of Orario and is surrounded by the sea and harsh cliffs. It is a nation type Familia ruled by Kali that is known for being a country of Amazonesses. Men aren't allowed in the country and any men in the country are either slaves or tools used to create new Amazonesses. Telskyura is a closed country compared to those around it and any outside information about the country is limited. The country is also referred to as the Country of Blood and Fighting and the Amazoness' Holy Land.

Telskyura is one of the few world powers other than Orario, their strength coming from the fights to the death that happen every day against monsters and even other Amazonesses at the colosseum. Amazonesses born in the country are said to learn how to kill a Goblin before they learn how to speak, with their first trial involving being placed in front of a baby Monster and seeing whether they kill it or get killed instead.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Argana KalifAmazonessUnknownKali Familia Captain6Active
Bache KalifAmazonessUnknownKali Familia Captain6Active
Tione HiryuteAmazonessUnknownUnknownUnknownLeft Familia
Tiona HiryuteAmazonessUnknownUnknownUnknownLeft Familia


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