The Thanatos Familia (タナトス・ファミリア) was a member of Evilus.


Whenever a new member joined the familia, they gathered in the familia's room in Knossos, which was a vast room with numerous columns lit by candlelight, along with an altar at the back with stairs leading up to it. The familia emblem hung above the altar. Thanatos gave his falna at the altar and a cheer was given when the process was finished.

The Thanatos Familia emblem was a iron and bronze heart along with a black wing reminiscent of a grim reaper's scythe.


The statuses listed below are the statuses the Familia members had when the Familia was disbanded and not their current status.

Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Valletta GredeHumanUnknownNone5Deceased
Barca PerdixUnknownUnknownNone4Deceased


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