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The Bride From the Water City Likes the White Rabbit (水都の花嫁は白兎がお好き) is a special story from DanMachi Volume 12.


On the 27th floor, in a Xenos' hidden village, Marie and Ray greeted one another as the Xenos who had fulfilled Fels's request returned. Marie asked her if they could sing together again. Ray agreed but told her it would be in a low voice to not draw attention, their singing already being known as the "song echoing in the labyrinth" phenomenon.

Ray checked if anything notable happened and grew pale from shock when Marie said she had met Bell, while blushing and smiling. As Marie affectionately expressed her love for Bell, Ray was stunned while Fear and Laura were excited by her words and asked for more details.

Ray tried to calm them down, arguing that Bell wouldn't do what they were suggesting, only to be cut off by Marie, who said he had ate her "thing" and expressed how warm it was. The misleading answer brought screams and delight to the girls. Meanwhile, Wiene heard Bell being mentioned, but was kept away by Lyd and Gros who blocked their own hearing, sighing with tired expressions.