The Goddess' Part Time Job Situation (女神のバイト事情) is a special chapter included in the second volume of the DanMachi manga.

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The day after the incident at the Monster Feria, Bell headed to the dungeon with his new weapon, the Hestia Knife, spirits high and killed some monsters there. Meanwhile, Hestia faced Hephaestus in her office. Hephaetus wanted Hestia to work hard for the knife that she begged her to make for Bell. Hestia asked for mercy but Hephaetus refused and decided to send Hestia to a branch store of her Familia to pay back the debt. Hestia cried that she was a devil which Hephaetus didn't deny but reminded Hestia that she mentioned earlier that she wanted to prove her love for her child with her own body.

The next day, Hestia was at the fourth floor of Babel. She thought that the red apron receptionist uniform she was wearing was cute. A Half Dwarf reprimanded her for mumbling and warned her not to slack off. She then noted how all the employees working did not treat her with respect as Hephaestus made it thoroughly clear on how to treat her. She then saw a Human and a Half Elf couple walk into the store which made her jealous wishing she could go on a date with Bell. She felt that she had seen the Human before but put it in the back of her mind. She then gave a receptionist smile and greeted the couple.

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