The Hero and the Prostitute (英雄と娼婦) is a special story included in the DanMachi II BD booklets.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the middle of the night in his room, Bell awoke, feeling that something was wrong. He gradually realized that there was something in the bed next to him and was shocked when he realized that it was Haruhime. Haruhime, who was only wearing her juban, apologized and informed Bell that she'd come to sleep with him since he'd looked tired. She raised her upper body and mounted him, then proceeded to remove her clothes, revealing the upper half of her body, all the while mentioning that this was the only way she could repay him. Embarrassed, she began removing Bell's clothes, and then leaned forward when she finished, their shadows on top of one another. At an open cafe, an embarrassed Haruhime told Aisha about the dream she saw, causing the Amazoness to wonder if Haruhime was stupid for seeing a dream where she became Bell and was assaulted by herself. Aisha had visited the Hearth Mansion around an hour earlier to check up on Haruhime. Noticing that the Renard had a serious expression, Aisha herself thought it'd be troublesome, nevertheless she still took her outside for a change of pace. Aisha called Haruhime a perverted fox, causing her to let out a scream and collapse onto the table while pressing her ears. After letting out a sigh, Aisha advised Haruhime to take action if she was hungry for sex, mentioning that they lived in the same building. Haruhime protested, stating that she wasn't hungry but rather she simply felt warm inside when she saw Bell and periodically remembered when he hugged her, prompting Aisha to point out that Haruhime was confirming what Aisha said and told her to make her dream a reality. Seeing Haruhime's reaction, Aisha guessed that there wouldn't be any progress even if the two were in the same familia. Aisha thought that Haruhime should end up with Bell, since she believed that it was a woman's cherished desire to have sex with the man she liked, and it'd make it easier for her to "have a taste" as well. However, she knew that Haruhime had plenty of competition such as Hestia, Lili, Eina, Syr, and even potential ones such as Cassandra and Ais. Noting that even more competition could appear in the future, Aisha smirked and continued to advise Haruhime, telling her that there wasn't anything wrong with her trying to make Bell happy since she owed a debt to him. Haruhime stated that she'd work harder as a maid because of that, though Aisha told her to let the others take care of that and to use the techniques she was taught while she was in the Ishtar Familia. Returning to the Hestia Familia home, Haruhime wondered how she'd be able to make Bell happy. She changed into her maid clothes and began wiping the windows in a 1st floor hallway, all the while recalling advice that senior prostitutes had told her. A prostitute had advised her to act in a way that made men want to protect her, which Haruhime misinterpreted as a way to make men happy rather than what the prostitute intended which was to get customers. Noticing that Bell had entered the courtyard with his armor and a dishrag, she realize that he was going to maintain his armor and decided to take the opportunity to try out what she'd been taught. She lightly knocked on the window to get his attention, causing him to notice her and smile, and his smile was enough for her to want to wrap herself in a curtain out of happiness but she restrained herself for her plan. Instead of opening the window and waving back, she silently stood and looked back at Bell, causing him to be confused. As he thought about it, he realized that the situation was similar to when he first met Haruhime, becoming red faced when she gave him a fleeting smile. Bell was flustered and didn't know what to do, though unfortunately their moment was interrupted by Hestia who wondered why Bell was standing upright and invited him to eat Jagamarukun with her. Embarrassed, Bell took the opportunity to escape, leaving behind his gear in the courtyard. Haruhime thought that Bell didn't seem to have been happy about what she did and wondered if she shouldn't look at him anymore, but ultimately decided that she most likely didn't have enough practice. From that day on, Haruhime began looking at Bell whenever possible, whether it be in the home or in the dungeon, and because he'd been by affected by Freya's gaze, he constantly felt Haruhime's gaze, causing him to wonder if he'd done something to her. Unfortunately for Haruhime, Hestia noticed what she was doing and banned her from passionately looking at Bell. The next day, Haruhime began thinking of another way to make Bell happy, not understanding why Hestia stopped her the previous time. As part of her thoughts, she imagined what would happen if a "mistake" happened, imagining herself being happily pregnant with Bell as her husband. Her imagination caused her to be embarrassed, making her ferociously dust the room she was in, and she ultimately decided to find a different way to make Bell happy than the bedroom, recalling what another prostitute had told her. The prostitute had been hurt when a customer compared her breasts to Loki's flatness, making her drink, and she'd been angrily telling Haruhime that men would be easily pleased if a woman flirted with them in the bath, telling her to use her entire body to wash a man's back since she had large breasts. Bell was alone in the bath, thinking about Haruhime and her recent actions. He then got up to wash his hair when he heard the door open, prompting him to ask if it was Welf, and was shocked when he heard Haruhime answer him instead. Bell became flustered but there wasn't anything he could do since he was in the middle of shampooing his hair and he couldn't risk turning around and seeing her naked. However, noticing that Haruhime still hadn't come near him, he cautiously turned around and saw that she was wearing a blindfold to prevent herself from seeing Bell's body in addition to wearing a bathing kimono. She eventually reached Bell and began washing his back with her tail, then added her hands, and her breasts would periodically touch his back because she was trying her best to wash him. As she began thinking about Bell's back, she realized what she was doing, imagining his body in her mind, causing her to have a massive nosebleed. The blood got on Bell's back, which she attempted to wipe with one hand while she held her nose with the other, though the blood wouldn't stop. Haruhime collapsed a short while later, prompting Bell to shout for help. Mikoto answered his call for help, and while she was confused by the situation in front of her, she helped carry Haruhime out of the bath. Some days later, Bell was again taking a bath, but this time he was ready for anything that might occur. Fortunately for him, nothing happened, but he made the mistake of lowering his guard too soon. He heard Haruhime call out to him from the door to the women's bath once he exited the men's bath, and he slowly turned around to see Haruhime wearing a white and thin kimono that was wet. Haruhime had recalled what a third prostitute had told her, which was to wear wet clothes to make men excited and satisfying their fetish. She had waited for Bell to enter and exit the bath while making sure her kimono was wet. As she wondered what to do now, she recalled that men loved lap pillows, causing her to ask Bell if they could go to his room. The two of them went up to Bell's room where Haruhime gave him a lap pillow. Bell was already flusted by the feel of her thighs on his cheek through her wet kimono, but he was affected even further by the pleasure from her cleaning his ear with a wooden ear cleaner. Bell was relieved when she finished because he thought it'd be over, but he was surprised when Haruhime told him to turn over so she could clean his other ear, and he let her turn him over. Turning over added to his problems because he could now see Haruhime's stomach through her wet kimono. At that point, Haruhime accidentally dropped her ear cleaner, causing her to bend forward, and Bell's head was sandwiched by her breasts, stomach, and thighs. Unfortunately for them, Hestia entered the room, mentioning that she wanted to read an interesting book with him, and she screamed when she saw what was happening. Soon after, everyone was gathered in the living room with Bell and Haruhime sitting in the seiza position. Welf and Mikoto didn't have a chance to say something as Lili complained to Haruhime about her recent behavior while Hestia lectured Bell, asking him what he was planning on doing with Haruhime in an erotic outfit. Haruhime attempted to defend Bell but Lili told her that she wasn't allowed to be within 10 meters of Bell. Lili told Haruhime that she knew about what Haruhime did and told her be ashamed about it. Hearing this, Haruhime became shocked and collapsed.

The next day, the members of the Hestia Familia other than Hestia and Haruhime discussed what happened the other night. Bell believed that Lili and Hestia said too much but Lili believed that it was necessary to get the message across to Haruhime. Welf agreed that it wasn't the first time she said something crazy, recalling when Haruhime had offered to serve him at night if he wished it and having to explain to Lili and Hestia that it was a misunderstanding. Hestia had placed Haruhime under house arrest until she "repented for her actions", and was banned from being near Bell in addition to having her maid duties taken away. The honest and refined Haruhime had been affected by the decision and was currently staying in her room. In her room, Haruhime was crying, blaming herself for being a bad Renard, believing that she was causing trouble for everyone. She recalled the story of the hero criticizing the prostitute, comparing herself to the prostitute, and thought she'd return to the time when she hated herself. At that point she heard someone knock on her window from outside and saw Bell "floating" outside of her window, realizing that he was hanging from the roof using one arm. Bell explained that he came to check on her since he was worried. Upon hearing Haruhime tell him that they shouldn't meet because he would get in trouble, Bell decided to take her out of the house, an offer that she eventually accepted. As she took Bell's hand, the scene reminded her of a story where the hero saved the captive princess from a castle, causing her to become red. With Welf's help, the two of them managed to evade Lili's watch and escape through the back entrance. Haruhime still didn't understand the situation, prompting Bell to explain that he wanted to walk around with her since it was a nice day, and because Haruhime had been working so much in addition to recalling that she had yearned for Orario. Since Orario was a massive place, capable of fitting two to three small kingdom capitals inside, Bell decided that they'd go to places that Haruhime wanted to see, having procured a guide map beforehand to help decide where to go. They looked at the guide map for moment before Haruhime informed him that there was a place she wanted to go, which was the Adventurer Graveyard. Hearing this, Bell began laughing, causing Haruhime to be confused, though Bell apologized and explained that he had also gone to the Adventurer Graveyard first when he first came to Orario. In addition to the Adventurer Graveyard, the two of them visited many other locations such as the Amphitheatrum, the magic stone manufactured goods factory, an elevated place where one could see the Twilight Manor, Welf's old workshop, Hero Bridge, Saint Fulland's Cathedral, and the first 20 floors of Babel. Haruhime was amazed by the view from the 20th floor which was often used as a viewing platform by adventurers. Around noon, Bell bought juice and Jagamarukun and the two sat down on a bench in Amor Plaza. After they finished, they held hands to prevent themselves from getting separated as they walked. However, they were noticed by other adventurers who began talking amonst themselves about how Bell had another woman, calling him a "lustful beast". As Bell wondered about how to respond to the adventurers, Aisha appeared, then gave Haruhime a look of approval after realizing the two of them were on a date. She then asked why Bell seemed to be pale, prompting him and Haruhime to explain the situation, and she understood that they wanted to be alone since it was awkward being around the adventurers. Aisha left them for a moment to buy two tickets from a nearby Hume Bunny wearing a sailor outfit, giving the tickets to them and informing them that it was for a cruise. Bell and Haruhime made their way over to the waterways in western Orario. They presented their tickets to a girl wearing the same outfit as the Hume Bunny and arrived just in time to board a boat that had just finished a cruise. As the boat left, the boatman introduced herself as Enna of the Sobek Familia, and in case anyone hadn't heard of the familia she added that her familia, the Osiris Familia, and the Set Familia lost a battle against the Zeus and Hera Familias several hundred years ago and became weak as a result. She and one other Sobek Familia member manned the oars and she also acted as the guide, informing the passengers of locations they passed by or heard of. Haruhime marveled at the fact that she was able to feel Orario's history so close and felt happy, causing her to reach out and dip her hand into the water, though Enna noticed it and cautioned her about monsters. At that moment, a Raider Fish leapt out of the water to attack Haruhime, though it was quickly killed by Bell. Enna attempted to disguise her mistake by making it seem like Bell fighting the Raider Fish was part of the tour, and the passengers and the people watching on the land were impressed by him. Haruhime thanked Bell for his help and he asked her if she was all right, and the two smiled and looked at each other. The scene was reminiscent of a bride and groom having their ceremony on the boat, prompting Enna to consider having marriage ceremonies on their ship. Unfortunately for them, their moment was interrupted by Lili, Hestia, Ais, Tiona, Syr, Ryuu, and Eina who all happened to be nearby when the incident occured.

Bell became still like a statue at the sight of all of the women looking at him. Haruhime didn't quite understand the situation but felt it was similar to the situation when a man that a senior prostitute liked picked Haruhime instead. Enna, ignoring the situation happening right next to her, began rowing again, stating that the cruise would continue since it had nothing to do with them. As the boat moved on, the girls followed the waterway on land and called out to him. Hestia and Lili criticized him for having a fun time with Haruhime, Ais asked if Bell was on a cruise boat, Tiona thought it was interesting and suggested to Ais for them to jump over, Syr mentioned that she was jealous of him and Haruhime having a pre wedding, Ryuu criticized Bell for trying to make an excuse, and Eina began lecturing him on being a responsible adventurer. Haruhime tried to stand up for Bell but was instantly silenced by Hestia and Lili. The boat soon approached a tunnel, causing the girls to run ahead to the exit. Bell, scared of what would happen if they were caught, suggested to Haruhime for them to run, obtaining permission from Enna to do so, though she made him promise to treat her to food the next time they met and possibly include her into his harem so she didn't have to work. Bell held Haruhime and jumped over to the service walkways on the sides of the tunnel, then the two of them went through a wooden door to the street outside. He looked around for Hestia and the others and attempted to hide in the crowd of people in order to get out of western Orario, though they were immediately spotted by Syr who had Ryuu with her. Smiling, Syr shouted to the others that Bell was attempting to elope with a beautiful Renard, drawing the others to their location. Before the girls could form a circle around him, Bell carried Haruhime and ran north. The girls dispersed, each of them chasing after Bell in their own way. Out of them, Lili was the one that chased after them, demanding to know if Bell had taken Haruhime out of the Hearth Mansion and expressed her anger at them leaving and being together without her knowledge. At that moment Lili tripped and began crying, complaining that she always ended up in situations like this. Her complaints prompted Bell to apologize and he ran over to try to console her, but that was what Lili wanted him to do as she jumped at him and put her arms around his neck. Bell told her that she was too close, nevertheless Lili didn't listen as she was blinded by her jealousy. Apologizing in her mind, Haruhime put her hands in Lili's armpits, causing her to let go of Bell out of surprise and fall onto the ground. The two of them left Lili behind and ran. Just as the two of them turned the corner, Bell was headbutted by Hestia who'd been waiting for them, making him fall down onto the ground. She then mounted him around his hips and began questioning him on what he was doing. Haruhime attempted to stand up for Bell, and this time Hestia was willing to listen, getting off of Bell and allowing him to get up. Hestia listened to their explanation but told them that it was nothing but a date, expressing her anger and complaining about it. She announced that she'd punish Haruhime and jumped at her, then held her tight with her breasts in her face and her legs around her waist. Once that was done, Hestia pressed her fists against Haruhime's temple, and while it was painful for Haruhime, she was more occupied by Hestia large breasts that were pressed against her face, understanding why men liked to bury their face in breasts. Fortunately for Haruhime, Hestia's boss appeared and told her that her break was over, taking Hestia along with her. The two of them were stopped by Eina before they could leave the area. Bell was curious as to why she was angry at them, prompting Eina to start mumbling about how he'd been her bodyguard but he was already with a different woman, then tried to disguise her earlier words by telling him that he was attracting too much bad attention. At that point Haruhime tried to stand up for Bell, but she was still affected by the aftereffects of Hestia's breasts in her face, causing her to trip and push Bell into Eina. Bell's face ended up in Eina's breasts, and he reached out to prevent her from falling over, but he ended up grabbing her butt, while Eina's arms ended up around his back. The people around them stopped to look at the scene in front of them, talking amongst themselves about Bell and Eina with the Gods at the center of the conversation. Bell paled when he realize what he was doing and Eina was embarassed with tears forming in her eyes. He let go of her and expected Eina to get angry at him, but to his surprise she seriously suggested for them to turn themselves in to the Guild, promising to shoulder some of the blame. He ended up taking Haruhime with him and running after Eina told him that she wanted an 80,000 page written apology. After they escaped from Eina, they stopped in a street after Syr called out to them from the roof of a three story building. Bell asked her why she was doing this, to which she answered that she felt like it, all the while giving off a villainous aura. She added that she wanted Bell to have a troubled expression but smiled before he could ask her about what she just said and claimed that she was bitter that Bell was playing with cute women while she was working. Syr then lifted her arm and snapped her fingers, giving Ryuu the signal to attack from behind. Bell dodged her attack by lowering his head and began fighting Ryuu. He asked Ryuu if she had unjustified resentment toward him like Syr, which she denied, though she pointed out that there was another woman he should be with if he was walking around Orario with a woman. The two fought for a little while, with Ryuu happy about Bell's growth, but then she threw him up to where Syr was since they were attracting attention. Ryuu jumped up after him, leaving Haruhime behind, though the later used the stairs to reach the roof. Bell and Ryuu resumed their fight, with Haruhime considering throwing herself in between to try to stop them, however at that point Tiona and Ais arrived, the former wishing to train with Bell while the latter continued to eat her Jagamarukun. Tiona was also impressed with Bell's growth, noting that he was using techniques that they taught him, prompting her to mention that he was their apprentice. However, her remark annoyed Ryuu who pointed out that while the two may have trained Bell before the War Game, Bell was now training in the mornings with Ryuu, and as such Bell's skill with dealing with attacks and counterattacks came from their morning training. Ais reacted to Ryuu's statement, asking Bell if he was really training with Ryuu, then began competing with the Elf. Their argument ended when Tiona suggested asking Bell's body directly to see whose techniques he used, which meant the three of them fighting him at once. Unwilling to see Bell get hurt any longer, Haruhime interrupted their fight, causing the three girls to stop and feel guilty about beating him up like they usually did during training. Upon hearing Lili, Hestia, and Eina looking for him, Bell took advantage of the momentary pause to take Haruhime with him and run. As the two escaped, the people watching wondered what was happening, and the entertainment loving Gods took advantage of the situation to egg the people on by claiming that whoever caught Bell first would become his wife. The women believed their lie, causing female citizens and adventurers to join the chase along with some male Gods. Haruhime asked for Bell to leave her behind, though he refused, stating that it wouldn't be right to make Haruhime take the blame. Upon entering an alleyway, they were grabbed by Aisha and taken into a side path. Aisha was wondering what had happened and they explained the situation to her. After hearing the details, she ordered Lena to gather Samira and the other Amazonesses to lead the crowd away from Bell and Haruhime, stating that she was responsible for egging Haruhime on, and told Haruhime that she could stay with Bell as long as she wanted for the rest of the day.

Around an hour later, Bell looked out from the alleyway to check if anyone was there, and let out a sigh of relief when there wasn't. Seeing him check, Lena told him to leave it to Aisha. Bell recalled Lena's name from what Aisha said but was still scared of her since she was one of the Amazonesses that chased after him to "eat him". Noticing his fear, she told him not to worry since she'd already met her destined man, and therefore no longer had any interest in other men. Lena shifted her attention to Haruhime, mentioning that Haruhime full of emotion was better than the previous Haruhime, but also competed with her, adding that she had also met her destined man and was most likely close to getting married. She continued by saying that she received "something good" to the stomach and therefore "a child" wasn't too far off, which Haruhime misinterpreted as semen even though Lena meant "a fist". Bell, who'd been watching the two girls talk, decided that they'd return to the Hearth Mansions until things settled, however Lena rejected his idea, telling them to continue their date. Haruhime decided that she wanted to go to the Gnome's Great Library, which Bell agreed to, though he quickly recalled that the library had an expensive entrance fee which Lena mentioned was 100,000 valis for 3 people to enter. Bell and Haruhime were ready to give up on the idea but Lena decided that they'd go, and the three of them would gather the necessary money by completing a quest in the middle floors, with Lena referring to it as a "dungeon date". The quest involved obtaining Crystal Mantis Wings for the Mils Trading Company and the reward was exactly 100,000 valis. Since Haruhime couldn't fight, Lena had procured a backpack and Supporter Gloves for her to gather magic stones and drop items from the monsters she and Bell killed. The party was currently on the 13th floor, and Lena wanted to go to the 15th floor because that was where Crystal Mantises often appeared, however Bell didn't want to since he didn't have anything other than the Hestia Knife and they had to protect Haruhime. Soon after, the three of them encountered Daphne and Cassandra and Lena recruited the two of them by offering to give them all of the magic stones and drop items they'd find, allowing the party to go down to the 15th floor. The party didn't find any Crystal Mantises, causing Lena to try luring them by scattering crystals from the 18th floor because the monster was attracted to crystal and beautiful minerals. Her bait succeeded in attracting Crystal Mantises to them, however Lena scattered too many crystals and it ended up being an entire of swarm. Lena ordered the group to retreat, and upon reaching a room with a group of adventurers, of which Mord and his pals were a part of, she proceeded to Pass Parade the entire swarm onto them. The group couldn't escape even with the Pass Parade, forcing them to help fight, and Lena took advantage of the distraction to order Haruhime to use Uchide no Kozuchi. Haruhime used Uchide no Kozuchi on Bell who proceeded to easily deal with the swarm of Crystal Mantises. The group gave some of their magic stones and drop items to Mord's party as an apology and returned to the surface, parting ways with Daphne and Cassandra at Central Park and with Lena at the Guild's front yard. With the reward in hand, Bell and Haruhime hurried to eastern Orario where the library was located, and a Gnome let them in even though he was preparing to close. The hero stories were located on the 4th floor and the two happily explored the shelves and books until Haruhime noticed a certain book in the discard shelf. The discard shelf was for books that were to be disposed of such as those that were damaged and/or had broken bindings. The damaged book was titled "Bilgames' Adventure" and was the book with story of the hero and the prostitute. The book itself was heavily damaged; the surface of the binding was damaged, the pages were unreadable in places, and there a chance that the pages could fall out. The readable portion of the book ended at the part where the adventurer raised his sword to strike the prostitute. Haruhime explained that the book scared her when she was a child because she didn't know why the prostitute would do such a thing to the hero, and now that she was a prostitute herself she sympathized with the book, adding that as long as the book existed she would keep looking down on herself. Seeing Haruhime's painful expression, Bell took the book and left her for a moment to talk with a Gnome, then came back, telling her that he successfully convinced the Gnome to let him have the book since it was going to be discarded. He then began writing his own ending to the story as the hero, giving Haruhime the other quill to join as the prostitute. The two took turns writing dialogue, and in their edited version both the hero and the prostitute decided to talk it over again, with the prostitute stating that prostitutes weren't a symbol of destruction. Bell and Haruhime continued to write their story even though they knew they'd be in trouble when they returned home and the Gnomes left them alone since they welcomed the birth of a new story and valued both knowledge and feelings. In both the real world and the world of the book, the hero and the prostitute drew close to each other and were saved.

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  • Hestia
  • Liliruca Arde
  • Eina Tulle
  • Ais Wallenstein
  • Tiona Hiryute
  • Syr Flova
  • Ryuu Lion
  • Bell Cranel
  • Enna
  • Aisha Belka
  • Lena Tally

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