The Path Until Now and the Endless Journey (これまでの軌跡、果てしなき旅路) is a special story included in Haimura Kiyotaka's artbook The Art of Sword Oratoria.

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One day, Ais decided to walk around before heading to the dungeon, starting with eastern Orario, and as she did so she ended up at the street where she had fought monsters with Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya more than three months earlier during the Monster Feria. While she surveyed the area, she was interrupted by Eina and Misha, who were there to observe the area. They discussed the Monster Feria incident for a little while, with them thanking her for her help, in addition to the girl she saved thanking her as well.

Leaving the surface behind, Ais headed down into the dungeon, arriving sometime later in the city of Rivira. As she walked through the town, she was stopped by Bors, who had her look around at the rebuilt city. However, this caused her to remember the Udaeus' Black Sword she had left with him, prompting him to make up excuses before running away. She wondered why he was acting strangely, nonetheless her thoughts shifted to Revis, recalling that she had first fought against her in the northern part of the city, and made her way to the Golden Cellar Bar, discovering Lulune, Asfi, Falgar, Meryl, and Nelly there. Immediately, Ais recalled the incident on the 24th Floor, beginning to feel sorry for their loss, nevertheless they asked her to see what the deceased couldn't as a tribute to them.

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