Tsubaki Collbrande (椿・コルブランド) is the captain of the Hephaestus Familia as well as a master smith.


Tsubaki has brown skin, long black hair, red eyes, and wears an eyepatch over her left eye, similar to her Goddess Hephaestus, however, hers covers the opposite eye. She has a well-endowed chest which she keeps in a sarashi, and wears a red hakama and sandals.


Tsubaki has a very friendly personality, casually interacting with various people, and even asked Finn if she could hug him. Tsubaki is interested in Welf Crozzo and takes care of him, nevertheless, she laments the fact that he refuses to make magic swords, stating that it's a waste of talent.


Development AbilitiesEdit

Blacksmith (鍛冶): Blacksmith enables Tsubaki to add special abilities to her creations and make better creations overall. She's supposed to be at a high rank in this development ability as she is known as one of the best smiths in Orario.


Benishigure (紅時雨): A naginata that Tsubaki created for herself. It is a first class weapon.


  • Tsubaki has a personal smith contract with Gareth Landrock and has ordered him to not use any equipment other than her own.
  • Tsubaki's alias, Cyclops, is the name of a race of giants from Greek mythology with only one eye, who were known for their skill as blacksmiths.


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