Unfading Journey (色褪せぬ旅路) is the first of the two special stories given out to people who view DanMachi Arrow of Orion in theaters. It was later re-released as a drama CD.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Let's play rock paper scissors"
Hestia, all of a sudden, said that.
It was the morning of the second day of their trip, right before Bell and the others were about to enjoy their trip in their sky.
"Rock paper scissors...? What is that, Hestia-sama?"
"It's a three way hand game used by the Gods when they can't budge on something, Supporter-kun"
Leaving the confused Bell and others aside, Hestia and Lili became excited.
Hestia came up with a plan to ride with Bell on a two passenger Flying Dragon, but what was the outcome!?

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