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Sword Oratoria Volume 12 Cover

To conclude, this is a story that won't be handed down. Who won, who lost, who survived, who died, who howled, who laughed, and who wailed won't be known. There is no money or fame, and those that fall will not leave their names in history. Forgotten by everyone, they simply join the funeral procession in heaven. However, they confront it, the great evil, the extremely malicious darkness. For order, for pride, for bonds, they - the adventurers face their final decisive battle. "1000 years later, the adventurers will once again be the foundation of peace in the lower world! Bring to pass a new story!"



  • Enyo is Dionysus who apparently faked his death
  • Filvis is revealed to be Ein. Like Dionysus, she faked her death
  • Lefiya finally decides to level to 4. Her new development ability is magic resistance, new skill called Double Canon, and her final magic stat is S960
  • The God that Dionysus killed was Penia, and all of his supposed familia members were Penia Familia members (except for Filvis). Filvis turned into a Creature during the Nightmare on the 27th Floor and later gained her duplication magic. Dionysus threatened Demeter with the lives of her familia members and forced her to act as a scapegoat for him
  • The Loki, Freya, Hermes, Kali, and Hestia Familias fight Dionysus' forces. Lefiya fights Filvis wth Bete, Asfi, Aisha, Ryuu, and Haruhime. Ais fights Revis. The army fights the 6 Demi Spirits and the Nidhogg Demi Spirit (born from the orb that Hashana and Lulune were trasporting) and Bell is the one that defeats the Nidhogg
  • Filvis' feelings at the beginning of the volume actually take place near the end of the volume, showing that she actually cared about Lefiya
  • Sword Oratoria will continue with next arc being about Lefiya. The author will take a break for now though
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