Welf Crozzo Anime
Welf Crozzo
 Japanese ヴェルフ・クロッゾ
 Romaji Verufu Kurozzo
 Alias Ignis (不冷(イグニス) Igunisu)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 17
 Hair Color Red
 Eye Color Light Grey-blue
 Height 175 cm (5'9")
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Hestia Familia
 Previous Affiliation Rakia
Phobos Familia
Hephaestus Familia
 Occupation Adventurer
 Level 2
 Achieved Floor 37

Strength: H118
Endurance: H123
Dexterity: H143
Agility: I71
Magic: I72
Blacksmith: I

Strength: C617
Endurance: D521
Dexterity: C645
Agility: D509
Magic: I70

• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Garon Crozzo (grandfather)
Vil Crozzo (father)
• Skill, Magic and Equipment•
 Skill Crozzo Blood
 Magic Will-o-Wisp
 Weapon Greatsword
 Equipment Kinagashi
• Debuts•
 Light Novel DanMachi Volume 4
Sword Oratoria Volume 5
 Manga DanMachi Chapter 49
 Anime DanMachi Episode 2 (cameo)
DanMachi Episode 9 (actual)
Sword Oratoria Episode 9 (image)
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Hosoya Yoshimasa
 English Voice David Wald

Welf Crozzo (ヴェルフ・クロッゾ) is a member of the Hestia Familia and Bell's personal smith, later becoming one for the entire Hestia Familia after converting from the Hephaestus Familia.


Welf has short, spiky red hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue undershirt with a black kimono over it tied with a belt, along with a blue scarf, tan pants, and long brown boots.


Welf Crozzo is a straightforward and honest person. He is generally casual to everyone that he associates with, asking Bell to call him by name and without honorifics the first time they met. He doesn't like to be associated with his family name, preferring to not be a part of the conversation when his name is brought up, and even refuses people that come to him seeking magic swords.

Welf holds a deep hatred for magic swords, considering them to be objects that rot the user, as they would always break away and leave the user behind. However, after the battle against the Black Goliath on the 18th Floor, his hatred lessens somewhat, though he still refuses to make magic swords for anyone other than members of his own Familia.

Despite leaving the Hephaestus Familia, he is thankful for everything that Hephaestus has done for him, telling her that he would always remember what she had taught him.


Welf was originally born in Rakia, a nation type Familia ruled by Ares. As a member of the Crozzo Family, he lived as a noble due to the successes his predecessors had in creating magic swords. However, his life was changed the day his Skill Crozzo Blood appeared, which enabled him to create magic swords again. Despite his family's joy at the prospect of being able to create more magic swords, Welf despised his skill, causing him to escape Rakia with the help of his former Goddess Phobos.



Will-o-Wisp (ウィル・オ・ウィスプ): Will-o-Wisp is an anti magic fire that forces an Ignis Fatuus on others trying to use magic. This magic also works against monsters as Welf was able to cause Hellhounds that were in the process of attacking his party to self destruct.


Crozzo Blood (魔剣血統(クロッゾ・ブラッド)): Crozzo Blood enables Welf to create magic swords regardless of any training. Magic swords created by him are far stronger than normal magic swords, being known to "dry up oceans" with their power. Because of this skill, he is the only member of his family that can make magic swords.

Development AbilitiesEdit

Blacksmith (鍛冶): Blacksmith enables Welf to add special abilities to his creations and make better creations overall.


Greatsword (大刀) is a large single edge sword with a broad blade created and used by Welf Crozzo. It has power exceeding the upper floors. Because it is the weapon he uses himself, he did not name it. As long as it is not a weapon made for others, Welf will not name it.

Portable Smithing Set: Welf carries around a portable hearth and smithing tools, allowing him to be able to maintain and/or repair items whenever and wherever.

Kazuki (煌月): Welf's new fire element longsword shaped unbreakable magic sword. It is the first in the new Shikou (始高) series. As it relies on the wielder's magic, which also influences how strong it can be, it doesn't break like normal magic swords. When Welf uses it, it resonates with his Spirit blood and becomes as strong or even stronger than his normal Crozzo magic swords.


  • Welf has some experience at playing the violin as a former noble, however he describes his skill as "terrible".