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Wiene (ウィーネ) is a mysterious female Vouivre born in the middle floors of the Dungeon. It is later revealed that she is one of the Xenos.


Wiene has amber eyes and long silver blue hair with scales in several places on her body. She also has a red stone in the center of her forehead called Vouivre's Tear that is worth a great fortune when sold in the market.

Wiene wore the Salamander Wool, that Bell gave her in order to hide her identity as a monster, during her stay in the Hestia Familia.

When Wiene saved a young boy her body grew a wing from her back. The wing was big enough to cover half of her body even when folded.


Wiene has the ability to speak even though she is a monster due to her being a Xenos. She is kind, helping a young boy even though people regarded monsters as evil. Wiene grew attached to the Hestia Familia, particularly Bell and Haruhime.

Wiene doesn't like to wear clothes, as she refused to wear them and she even tried to get rid of the cape she was wearing due to the hot temperatures she was not used to before being convinced to keep it on.

Bell noted that Wiene was like a child, afraid of being hurt by others and afraid of hurting others.

Originally, she had more of a cowardly nature, influenced by all of the evil intent people had toward monsters, including the citizen's rejection of her even though she saved a boy. However, after she was reborn, she becomes much more courageous, reminding herself that Bell saved her even though people would scorn him for it.


Xenos (異端児(ゼノス)): As a Xenos, Wiene is far more intelligent and powerful than a normal monster.

Enhanced Speed: Wiene possess speed that allowed her to outrun the monsters and hunters that were chasing her in the dungeon. When she saved a boy her speed made it look like she teleported.

Poison Resistance: Wiene possess resistance towards poisons as she did not suffer any effect from the poison of the Dark Fungy.

Enhanced Senses: Due to being a Vouivre, Wiene has better senses than other monsters, such as when she heard a cry for help coming from a distant place in the dungeon even though other Xenos couldn't hear it.


  • Wiene's name was given to her by Bell. Bell originally suggested Welusine, but it was shortened to Wiene. His inspiration came from the tale of the Melusine.