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Yamato Mikoto (ヤマト・命) is a member of the Hestia Familia and the Takemikazuchi Familia, having converted to aid the former during the War Game.


Mikoto has long black hair which she has tied in a ponytail with bluish-purple eyes. She wears a purple kimono with a sarashi underneath along with a dark red sash and thigh-length boots. She also wears a red shoulder guard on her nonweapon arm, arm guards, and keeps her katana in the sash at her waist.


Mikoto has a serious and honorable personality, unwilling to use cowardly tactics even in an emergency, as shown through her disapproval of Pass Parading the monsters that were chasing them onto the Hestia Familia. She also has a softer side as she cares for the well-being of her friends and is fiercely loyal to them.


Mikoto originally hails from the Far East. Her parents died several years after her birth. Tsukuyomi and Takemikazuchi took the young girl into their orphanage, where she lived for years, eventually joining the Takemikazuchi Familia.

Mikoto and the other members of the Takemikazuchi Familia used to sneak Sanjouno Haruhime out of her mansion at night to play with her. They were eventually caught, damaging relations between Haruhime's father and the shrine. They pursued their nightly fun regardless.

Two years before the story, Mikoto and the other Takemikazuchi Familia members moved to Orario to earn money to help support the shrine.


Martial Artist: Having been trained by Takemikazuchi, Mikoto masters multiple fighting styles as well as knowing plenty of different techniques. Among the multiple styles that she masters, one of them is judo, which although it is useless against monsters, due to the great variety of shapes and sizes of these, is very useful against people, allowing her to manipulate the bodies of her opponents.

Likewise, Mikoto excels in the use of multiple weapons, and, although she usually prefers to fight using a katana, she also has a great skill in the use of spears, axes, bows, short swords and throwing weapons, such as shurikens and kunais. In addition to that, she is skilled in teamwork, fighting efficiently along with her other teammates.

She also has some ability in ninjutsu, however, she does not usually use it since the essence of it lies in the use of sneak attacks, traps and ambushes, using whatever is necessary to achieve her goal, which is not in accordance with her direct and honest personality. Despite this, she is willing to use it if it is to protect the people she loves.

  • Mikazuchi (円月投(ミカヅチ)): A technique created by Takemikazuchi from a foreign technique known as Frankensteiner (幸せ投げ(フランケンシュタイナー)), which he modified and renamed using his own name. It consists of jumping into the air and holding the opponent with the legs and then throwing them against the ground. Mikoto said that it possess the power of a bolt and stated it is the most powerful technique of all the ones that she possess. It seems to be difficult to learn, since from her Familia only she was able to learn it.
  • Zekka (絶華(ぜっか)): A technique Mikoto learned prior to the Hestia Familia's first expedition. It is the most advanced quick-draw technique that she knows and it is just as powerful as Mikazuchi. Mikoto named it basing in her alias.

Concurrent Chanting (並行詠唱): A high-level technique involving casting magic while fighting or moving around. Its difficulty is likened to dealing with a bomb with both hands while fighting due to the chance of failing a chant or not being able to control their own magic power.


Futsunomitama (フツノミタマ): Futsunomitama is a type of gravity magic that crushes a given area. Upon use, a dark purple sword of light falls down on the opponent, and at the same time, multiple centric circles appear below them. As the sword touches the circles, it creates a huge dome-shaped force field with a radius of ten meters around them. This magic was temporarily able to stop the Black Goliath despite their difference in power.


Yatanokurogarasu (八咫黒烏(ヤタノクロガラス)): Yatanokurogarasu enables Mikoto to search for enemies within a set effect range including hidden enemies. The skill only works on monsters that Mikoto has encountered before and will consider any clones of a monster to be an entirely separate monster. It has an active trigger.

Yatanoshirogarasu (八咫白烏(ヤタノシロガラス)): Yatanoshirogarasu enables Mikoto to search for other Familia members within a set effect range. However, she is only able to search for members of the same Familia as her. It has an active trigger.

Development Abilities[]

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities, such as poison.


  • Mikoto is skilled at cooking, having cooked often with the other women of the orphanage using limited supplies, and is skilled enough to earn praise from Hestia who is an ardent lover of Jagamarukun.
  • Mikoto's Yatanokurogarasu and Yatanoshirogarasu are a reference to the Yatanokarasu that was sent to guide Jinmu Tousei to Yamato.
  • Mikoto's full name is a possible reference to Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.
  • One of Mikoto's favorite pastimes is relaxing in cypress bath or at a hot spring and even has her own ritual she goes through before entering the water.