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Zald (ザルド) was an executive of the Zeus Familia and is a character in DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~ that appears in the Astraea Record event.


Zald had dark brown hair, gray eyes, and scars on his face. He wore a full body black armor along with a dark red cape. In addition to his usual armor, he put on a helmet when he engaged in combat.


Zald was a focused and determined man of adamant resolution. Once he set his mind into a goal he tenaciously moved forward to achieve it, pushing through any obstacle in his way and continuing on until the very end. Even if the consequences of his actions ended up being deadly he didn't care so long as he managed to achieve his objective.

Such willpower he kept present over the course of his life, with major examples like his fight with the Behemoth and his quest to improve Orario's overall power, not ever regretting devouring the flesh of the beast, despite its venom severily affecting him since then, and staying resolved in playing out his role as member of Evilus while enduring the effects of the Behemoth's poison. However, he admitted that he had hold a single regret.

Likewise, he was strongly attached to his values, not caring in the slighest about fame if it meant doing what he considered was the right thing, prefering to help Orario become more powerful and dying as a villain than being remembered as a fabled warrior. Satisfied just with knowing he followed his beliefs, he was someone who truly lived by the words of his God.

Being himself someone of strong conviction, he admired others' displays of determination and respected those who would not give in no matter what, regardless of their physical strength, as was the case with Ottar. Like displays of character, he also valued displays of power. After losing to Ottar he congratulated the Boaz for defeating him and told him not to undermine his achievement when he mentioned the poison of the Behemoth that had been weakening him, telling him to be glad for the feat he accomplished.

A concerned person for the future of the world, his resolution to warrant mankind's survival against the One Eyed Black Dragon demonstrated to be tremendous and unwavering, willing to unleash chaos, death, and despair upon Orario to prepare them for their eventual fight against the legendary dragon.

He proved to be quite an insightful person as he could notice Vito's defects without any apparent hint.

Zald compared killing to eating, saying that one had to do it in order to survive. Living by this philosophy he ate all kind of things in the spawn of his life, his belief being strong enough to lead to the development of his skill, Deus Ambrosia.

Despite his ability to eat virtually anything he proved to be a quite picky person when it came to food. This quality of his was to the point that it made him a proficient cook, with his cuisine being a delicacy. Zald was also pretty competitive when it came to drinking, usually competing with Gareth to see who could drink the most. Additionally, he used to write the word "beef" in the forehead of both him and Loki when they lost, showing his humoristic side.

He had a strong sense of fellowship as he thought he should had gone to see Bell at least once, although they shared no bond, simply because he was the son of a former comrade, even if he seemed to feel some disgust towards the latter's behavior. Likewise, he seemed to enjoy the company of his partners, maintaning a cheerful expression when around them.


During the fight against the Behemoth, Zald ate its flesh to become stronger, managing to defeat it with one strike. However, in doing so he ended up being poisoned with the monster's deadly poison, which continued to weaken him for the rest of his life, retiring as an adventurer after the battle as a consequence of it.


Colossal Power: Zald was a highly capable and proficient warrior, having been a powerful member of the vanguard and able to easily deal with a bestified high Level 6 Ottar.

He was able to overcome the barrier between levels, having a power above Level 7. His might was so great that he would have had a chance to defeat the Zeus Familia captain, who was Level 8, in addition to being able to face a Juggernaut from the 70th Floor and, in case the monster did not defeat him in the first 20 seconds of the fight, come off as the winner.

The author stated that he, along with Alfia, were the most powerful characters in the entire franchise after Albert.

Immense Strength: Zald had immense strength, which allowed him to break adamantite walls with extreme ease.

Extreme Speed: According to the author, Zald's response speed would had been faster than the speed of a Juggernaut born on the 70th Floor.

Skilled Fighter: As a veteran from Zeus Familia, Zald possessed a great deal of experience, making him a far more seasoned warrior than Ottar in their final battle.


Rea Ambrosia (レーア・アムブロシア): Rea Ambrosia is a magic that creates intense flames capable of covering a battlefield.


Deus Ambrosia (神餞恩寵(デウス・アムブロシア)): Deus Ambrosia allowed Zald to eat beasts, humans, and monsters to increase his stats while the skill was active. The increase depended on what was eaten, with most things only giving a meager amount.

The author referred to it as an unprecedented level cheat and said that it even enabled him to overcome the gap between levels.

However, getting an increase equivalent to a whole level was very difficult, due to the quality and quantity that it would require from his prey. Additionally, the skill had a limit, as the author said that he would had been unable to use the power of a Level 10 as a Level 7. He was mentioned to eat all sorts of things such as dungeon materials, deceased people, and monsters.


Zald's Sword.jpg

Greatsword: Zald wielded a greatsword in combat.


  • In the Zeus Familia, Zald used to have the same position as Gareth in the Loki Familia.
  • The author said that Zald possessed the toughest stomach in the entire series, and would have been able to eat even Syr's lunches.
  • In Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food or drink of the gods.